Dear NY:




of the city

Dear New York:

Sounds & Visions of the City


The inspiration first came from a job that my partner Jill had finished up. She had built some beautifully tall, hollow wooden letters for a private party. I had always been nostalgic about the infamous DKNY painted ad on Broadway, and became extremely disappointed that it came down for the less than mediocre replacement not worth mentioning.  I presented the idea of building a set of letters of our own, and for the same nostalgic reasons the letters we would build would be a testament to all things that make New York the astounding city that it is. A reminder of all that has died, been long replaced and forgotten and covered by some corporate entity.


Now that the basic construction of the letters is complete. We're in the mist of building the background layers with the rich history of the people, places and events that have occurred over the years that have given New York a voice and face. Being a work in progress, the letters still have much more to share from the yesteryear of our great metropolis with layers of type, stencils, photography, and graphics, as well as various styles of painting.


Along with the letters we built a functioning water tower with a 10 gallon removable cooler, that also needs layers of love yet to be added. Whether it's Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, or the Bronx, New York City has been a constant source of inspiration for actors, rappers, rockers, and artists of every kind imaginable. We hope to capture that in these pieces and more. Keep checking back for updates.


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